A Fun Art Activity for Homeschool


An Example of Scribbler Art


If you are looking for an art activity to do on the computer with your child, you might want to try out the following links. I stumbled upon these drawing activities as I was surfing the web for art stuff.  

The links are: 

Scribbler and Scribbler Too 

At each of the sites you draw using your computer and mouse. In Scribbler you draw and then click a button which begins the scribble process. Watch as your drawing transforms into a delicate web of lines. Scribbler Too is a little different. The scribble process happen as you draw. You can change the colors used, the brush settings, and even upload an image to be the background of your art work.  

The great thing about the program is that you can easily start over if you mess up. I also like the fact that you can save your scribble art if you want to. On Scribbler Too you just click a button that says Save. On Scribbler saving is a little more complicated.  

The art work above was created on Scribbler Too. If you create any work at this website be sure to upload it to the Art For Homeschool FLickr Group. Have fun scribbling!

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