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The Art For Homeschool online art show was a great way to share your work with fellow homeschoolers. The first show was in May of 2010. The last show was October 2014. It was a great four years of showcasing art work by homeschool students and sometimes even their parents. Unfortunately, the show is no longer in existence due to time constraints and life changes for the author, Terry Holliday Giltner.

A little history, this is how it was done:

We started out having four shows a years which proved to be a little tough for everyone to participate. So we trimmed it back to two shows a year. If you want to see past student work you can go to the Art For Homeschool Student Group on to see all the entries we have had over the years.

The Art For Homeschool Art Show was held in October and April. To make it easier to remember, the deadline was the 1st of the month for both shows. Entries in the October show were displayed only, no awards. The April show gave out awards. Dick Blick graciously donated $160 in gift certificates for awards. The awards were announced the 15th of the month. The awards were given in different age groups which were 5 to 8 years old, 9 to 13 years old, and 14 to 18 years old.

Following are the steps used so that children could participate in the Art For Homeschool Art Show. This information might come in handy for another homeschool website that decides to hold an art show online.

1. Subscribe to my blog, Art For Homeschool, through email. That way I will have a record of your email and can send out notices to award winners, etc. You can use the same subscriber email address for two or more children.

2. Get an account with That is where all the art work is uploaded and kept as a group. You can use one flickr account for your whole family.

3. Upload your child’s artwork to your flickr account. Put tags on the artwork. The tags would be: “Art For Homeschool”, Theme of the show, Your Child’s Name (It can be only his first name if that is what you wish.), Child’s age, Title of artwork, and the medium used to create the artwork.


Art For Homeschool

Note: Flickr requires you to put quotation marks before and after tags with more than one word. Knowing this will save you a lot of grief. I know from experience!

4. Join the Art For Homeschool Student Group. To join the group please click Join Group and include the contact email address used when you subscribed to Art For Homeschool. Access will be granted for you to post photos of your work to this group.  It may take a day or so depending on if I am near the computer.

Here is the link to the flickr group.

5. Add photo of artwork to the flickr group. It must be added on or before the art show deadline date. This is done by going to the link above and clicking on “Add Photos”. It is to the right of the words “Group Pool”. You pick the photo of the artwork you already uploaded to your account.

Any homeschool student 5 through 18 years old can enter the art show. Five entries are allowed in the October show, two entries are allowed in the April show. During the year students can add other artwork to the Flickr group just for fun if you want.

I have had request for a parent category so all you homeschool parents can also join the AFH Flickr group and participate in the art show too. Prizes will not be given in the parent category. Sorry, parents!  Tags for parents would be slightly different.  Tags would look like this:

Art For Homeschool Parent


I am sorry that the art show is no longer in existence. I really appreciate all the support I received the four years it was active. It was a lot of fun and I really loved seeing the student artists’ work. Thank you.

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