“America The Beautiful” Award Winners

When I chose “America The Beautiful” as the theme of the November art show I had no idea the subject matter for the show would be so diverse. We had a small number of entries but the quality and the thought that went into each entry makes up for that. I am inspired by the entries of this group of homeschool artists. Thank you to all that participated!

The show was judged by teacher and friend, Gay Beck. Gay has an art background and was kind enough to take the time out of her busy schedule to pick the winners and to make some comments. I think that everyone can learn by listening to the judge’s thoughts.

And the winners are:

9 – 13 year olds:

First Place

My Country Tis of Thee - Kyla - 11 years

First Place goes to Kyla with her colored pencil sketch, “My Country Tis of Thee”.

Judges comments:

I love the house surrounded by the mountains – a reminder of how beautiful our country is. Nice job of shading to add depth and I love the variety of colors. A suggestion to improve the drawing would be to make the walkway wider at the bottom of the page and get gradually narrower towards the house. This would draw the eye in and help the house appear like it’s set farther back. Nice work!

2nd Place:

Bald Eagle - Kyla - 11 years

Second place goes to Kyla for her colored pencil drawing “Bald Eagle”.
Judges comments:
I like how the whole page is filled and the nice detail of the eagle’s head. I would suggest trying some shading in the flag to add dimension and make it look like it’s moving. Very nice job.
3rd Place:

The United States of America - Jake - 9 years

Third place goes to 9 year old Jake with his photograph “The United States of America”.
Judge’s comments:
You did a nice job with the composition and the lighting adds extra interest. Good job.
Homeschool Parents:
First Place:

A Father in Uniform - Lara

First place goes to Lara for her watercolor titled, “A Father in Uniform”.  Congratulations!

**If you are interested in reading the comments the artists made about their work you can go to the Art For Homeschool Group on Flickr.com.

People’s Choice Award can still be voted for by making a comment on the article Art For Homeschool Art Show Entries – America The Beautiful. I will announce the People’s Choice winner on Saturday November 20. Please spread the word.

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