April 1 Deadline Coming Soon!

This is a friendly reminder that the deadline for the next Art for Homeschool Art Show is in a couple of days. The deadline is April 1 at midnight CDT.

I find it really hard to believe that March is almost over. How does time speed by so fast? Spring break has come and gone in most places in the United States. In Oregon, this is the last weekend of spring break. The weather has been a little crazy here with snow, sunshine, rain, hail, and sleet sometimes in the same day. I hope everyone has had a wonderful vacation whether you were swimming or sledding. We did both!

I also hope you have gotten your entries together for the show and have been able to get good photographs. For two dimensional work, try to crop out anything in the photo that is not part of the art work. Taking a picture of your work in natural light is always the best choice unless you are having bad weather. I try to take pictures outside but you can use the light through a window and even use a lamp to even the lighting out a little.

For those of you that have never entered one of our shows, remember to subscribe to this blog through email and then go to Flickr to ask to join the Art for Homeschool group. Flickr sends me an email and I will then add you to the group so you can upload art work to the group. Be sure to add all the very important tags.

For those of you that have participated in the past, just upload your new work to the group. You can enter two pieces.

I have gotten a lot of new subscribers to the blog in the past week. I want to welcome you to this site. I hope you enjoy the show and all the other articles that have been posted over the years. Some of my new subscribers have not joined the AFH group. I figure that is because you are not interested in the show, but are interested in learning about art activities. Whatever the reason for subscribing, I want to say “Thank You!” to all of my subscribers whether you have been a subscriber for years or days. You are appreciated!

I also want to thank all that have taken the time to tell others about this site and the upcoming art show. Do you know of any other sites that give this opportunity to homeschool students?

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