Art For Homeschool Art Show Entries- America The Beautiful

I think an online art show is exciting! Don’t you? An online art show gives home school students a chance to show their stuff and to get feedback from others.

I try to get art show judges that will give the student artists some sort of encouraging comment. I also ask the judges to make a suggestion for possible ways to improve the art work. I have always liked to get my art work critiqued by other artists. It helps you see your work from a different perspective.  You do not have to agree with the judge, but it does give you more to think about.

The judges comments are not all the student gets. People looking at this article can make comments and voice their opinion and give encouragement to these young artists. Plus, you can vote for People’s Choice.

What is People’s Choice? People vote for their favorite piece of art work of all the entries. I am not including the parent work in People’s Choice though. Sorry parents! So, when you finish reading this article you can vote once for you favorite by making a comment and telling the number of the art work you like the best. So, take a look. The awards will be announced Monday, so you don’t have a lot of time to vote.

I had no one entered in the 5 – 8 year old category or the 14 – 18 year old category so I will be giving $10 gift certificates to the first and second place winners in the 9 through 13 age group as well as a $10 gift certificate to the People’s Choice Winner. Dick Blick Art Materials donated these awards. Thank you Dick Blick!

Enjoy the work. Please vote! I think the work is beautiful!

9 – 13 year olds:

#1 - The United States of America

#2 - The Donkey

#3 - My Country Tis of Thee

#4 - Bald Eagle

#5 - America the Beautiful Since Way Last May

Entries from parents:

Three American Symbols

A Father in Uniform

***NOTE: I am extending voting for People’s Choice to Friday, November 19, CST. Please tell your friends, family and fellow homeschoolers!!!

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17 Responses to Art For Homeschool Art Show Entries- America The Beautiful

  1. Thank you for the vote Diana, but the voting has been closed.

  2. Diana Yeager says:

    I Vote For # 3:)

  3. Marissa Magee says:

    I vote for #1!! 🙂

  4. Carlos Zurita says:

    I vote for #4.

  5. Kyla says:

    I vote for #1

  6. Giggly Girls says:

    We like #5 because it’s truly a miracle that there are any buffalo left after what the U.S. government did back in the day.

    We like the 3 American symbols in the adult category.

  7. Dawn says:

    I am voting for #3.

  8. I really appreciate all the votes. In order to let more people voice their opinion I am extending the voting time to Friday, November 19 at midnight CST.

  9. Debbie says:

    I am voting for # 3 and Three American Symbols.

  10. Nikki says:

    My vote is for #4.
    They are all lovely!

  11. I love #5. The simplicity of the subjects and the not as often used symbols of America are fantastic!

    For the adults, I love the street signs and flag. Beautiful!

    I belong to the Dandelion House and Jimmie’s Collage. I can’t wait to look around here and hopefully participate! What a great idea!



  12. Kris says:

    I love #3! The colors, the details. This is my favorite : )

    Kris P

  13. Kris @ WUHS says:

    Oh, I’m torn between #1 and #4 for the kids. I love A Father in Uniform from the adults!

    I have so got to get back into the art show. It’s so much fun!

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  15. Debbie says:

    Hi there!
    I think an online ART Show is a wonderful idea… I love all the entries! Great job to all who entered.
    I popped over from Jimmie’s Collage to take a peak and I’m so glad I did!
    Please visit my new homeschool blog DANDELION HOUSE HOME SCHOOL when you have a chance.. We have always been ” ALL ABOUT THE ARTS” in our teaching philosophy!
    I’ll be back to visit you here and I’ll add your link to my sidebar!
    Have a wonderful weekend.

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  17. Jimmie says:

    Well, I have to vote for my daughter’s Since Way Last May — the buffalo and geyser at Yellowstone National Park #5.
    Monday? I’d better spread the word FAST!

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