Art For Homeschool Art Show – Vote for People’s Choice

When I scheduled August 1st as the deadline for the second Art For Homeschool Art Show I had no idea that on that day I would be getting into a truck and making the drive to Texas. I did not even get to look at the entries until several days later. My husband and I were on the road for three days driving 12 hours a day.

Why were we driving to Texas? No, it was not a vacation. My husband and I have moved. Life brings all sorts of exciting changes. I was offered a teaching position at Navasota High School. We decided it must be in the plan so I took the job. Now I get to enjoy my old home that has been here waiting for me and being near my children and granchildren. I am excited about starting this new venture.

I will be teaching Art. Don’t worry though. I will still be writing for Art For Homeschool and continuing the online art show. I also plan to produce more art lesson videos.

Well, enough about me.

The art show entries are in! The theme is “Summer”. We increased our numbers slightly from the last show.

There are seventeen entries with six students and 3 parents participating. That is encouraging. I am proud to show everyone the quality entries. I love the creativity of the children and parents as they gave their interpretation of the show theme.

Now you get to participate. We are going to have a People’s Choice award. That means that everyone gets to vote one time for their favorite artwork. Participants in the show are allowed to vote too. The winner will receive a $10 gift certificate donated by Dick Blick Art Supplies.

I am limiting the People’s Choice Award to the student entries. Each entry below has a number next to it. Place the number of your favorite entry in the comments section and say something about your reason for choosing the particular piece of work. You must include a valid email address for the vote to count.

I will keep the voting for the People’s Choice open until August 15. On August 15 all awards for the show will be announced.

Please enjoy the show. Take some time to view and vote.

5 – 8 Years Old:

Catching Fireflies

1. Catching Fireflies - Melody - 8 yrs.

A Day at the Beach

2. A Day at the Beach - Melody - 8 yrs.

Summer in the Jungle

3. Summer in the Jungle - Inaki - 5 yrs.


4. Chapelco - Inaki - 5yrs.

8 – 13 Years Old:

My Sister Swims

5. My Sister Swims - The Robot - 10 yrs.

Horse Eating Apple

6. Horse Eating Apple - Jake - 9 yrs.

Fruits of Summer

7. Fruits of Summer - Mackenzie - 9 yrs.

Stuffed for Summer

8. Stuffed for Summer - Mackenzie - 9 yrs.


9. Deer - Jake - 9 yrs.

Perspective Practice

10. Perspective Practice - Kyla - 11 yrs.

******Update on August 15:

Voting for People’s Choice is now closed. Thanks to everyone that voted.

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14 Responses to Art For Homeschool Art Show – Vote for People’s Choice

  1. Sharlene says:

    I vote for #7. This picture has caught the goodness of a summer garden.

  2. Kim says:

    ok… I like #9 the best!!

  3. Kim: Thanks for voting, but you have to choose between #1 or #9 for your vote to count. Sorry. ~Terry

  4. Alene says:

    #1! I love the way the night sky flows into the night ground. It’s all just one big, soft night-time.

  5. Kim says:

    5-8 years old #1

    8-13 years old #9

  6. Judy says:

    It was fun to look at these budding artists’ work…It was also difficult to decide on one picture since each had it’s own style…But since we need to pick only one I will vote for #9…This was easy to look at with soft color & kept drawing me back to see it again…

  7. Chi-ann says:

    I’m visiting from the Homeschool Showcase and I love this idea. What a great opportunity for the kids! So many great pieces. I’m going to vote for #10. It’s vibrant, has great humour and excellent perspective.

  8. cindy says:

    They are all very good and the children did great work! I guess there can only be one vote. I will have to put my vote on #9~ the deer looks great and I love the colors used. A job well done. Also, it does look as though time was spent on this art performance.

  9. Dawn says:

    It is a very difficult decision to make. They are all well done.

    However, since I can only vote for one, I will choose #9. It is so soft looking that I want to pet the deer. I also like the colors.

  10. MamaGames says:

    Coming over from the Homeschool Showcase! We haven’t visited before but I love the idea of a homeschool art show online. 🙂

    It’s hard to choose from the works above – they are all so different! My vote goes to #1, catching fireflies, because of the way the softness evokes a hazy August night out enjoying the lightning bugs.

  11. Patti Ingram says:

    I vote for #9 for People’s choice.


  12. Katie says:

    I love #9 Deer by Jake.

  13. Jimmie says:

    I’m so sorry that we didn’t participate. Summer was too busy, and we didn’t make time for the contest as I had hoped. We are now back to homeschool, so I hope to pick up again.

    Wow. The entries are amazing. It’s TRULY hard to choose.

    BUT….I’m choosing #9 Deer for my People’s Choice. I really like the artist’s choice of perspective, looking down on the deer as it feeds. And the “pointiness” of the deer is exaggerated a bit. I like that caricature style.

    But I LOVE the catching fireflies because it’s one of my favorite summer activities. And the Stuffed for Summer makes me very happy to look at — so many bright colors and patterns.

  14. Kris @ WUHS says:

    This was a tough choice because they’re all very good. However, my vote is for #8. I love the colors and it reminds me of one of my favorite books, The Very Hungry Caterpillar.

    Thanks for hosting the art show, Terry. We’ll do our best to participate next time.

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