Art For Homeschool Future

I have been away from blogging. It has been almost two years. In that time a lot has happened. I no longer have the time to post to this website. Due to the time issue, I have neglected the site, my subscribers, and art students that entered the online art show. For that I apologize.

I feel that the blog is still worth while. The information and articles here can still be used by homeschool parents and students. For that reason, I will keep the blog intact, but I will change the format a little. There will be a static home page, telling about the site and then readers can look through the blog articles to pick out reading material. I will not allow comments to be posted to any articles on the blog at this time as well. I have been over run with spam comments that I do not want to deal with anymore.

I wish all of you homeschoolers and parents the very best. Thank you!

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