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The following articles were written by Terry Holliday Giltner and posted on My Creativity Blog. I think the articles are helpful to any parent wanting to encourage the artist in their child. Enjoy!

If you found this page from some other site, I hope you will take a few moments to check out all the other articles and lessons that are posted on the home page as well as the online art show.  Thanks for visiting!

Art Supplies Can Spark a Child’s Creativity

Sketchbook Ideas For Children

Taking Art Students on Field Trips

A Great Homeschool Project – Making a Video

Part Two of A Great Homeschool Project – Making A Movie

Homeschool Movie Project – An Example

Improving Your Child’s Drawing Skills

Creativity with a Coloring Book Project

The Golden Areas

An interview with Terry by Lori Soard from Love to Know. Click here.

Here are some links to other sites that you might find helpful:

Free Things for Teachers and Homeschoolers

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