Art For Homeschool April 2014 Art Show Award Winners

It is April 15th! The day everyone has been waiting for. We have show results to post. Before I tell you who the award winners are I want to give a very big “Thank You!” to Heather L. Giltner, the judge of the show. Heather really took the job of judging the show seriously. She took a great amount of time and thought in making her decisions. Let me tell you a little about her.

Heather L.Giltner is a fine artist, client service specialist and BeachBody Coach.  Heather was born and raised in Portland, Oregon and recently has become a resident of Battle Ground, Washington. She has always enjoyed art of all types. Heather won her 1st classroom award when she was 7 years old and had her work professionally framed by a local company. When she was eight years of age, she got her first camera and has been snapping photos ever since. Heather has 3 teenage children and a small herd/flock of various animals. She has been in the customer service and healthcare industry in one form or another since 15 years of age. Heather works full time outside the home and full time raising her children.  Heather spends her free time taking photographs, gardening, kayaking and designing her life.  She loves being outdoors in nature. She feels the world has so many beautiful sights to see. Her photos and art are her perspective and she wants to share the beauty that she sees with you. You can see Heather’s work at this link.

Heather said:  It was very difficult to pick winners in any of the age groups. I see a lot of talent that is being developed. If you didn’t get a placement this time, please do NOT give up. You are all wonderful budding artists, I see potential in all of you. I can tell everyone put a load of work into each of their presentations. Good work boys and girls.

I will be sharing comments our judge made about the work. All of her quotes will be placed in italics.

Now let’s get to what you’ve all been waiting for…….

Drum roll………..

Best of Show

Rebecca - Bazaar - Watercolor - 14

Rebecca – Bazaar – Watercolor – 14

Our Best of Show award goes to Rebecca for her watercolor titled “Bazaar”.  The judge said: This is my all time favorite picture! Rebecca has done a wonderful job capturing this scene. I feel like I need to travel here and shop. The illumination on the building is realistic. She has a great attention for detail all the way down the street, the colors are beautiful. Congratulations, Rebecca. What a wonderful piece of art work!

Now to the placings of the different age groups:

5 to 8 Year Olds:

First Place:

Karlie Addison - Color Expression - Painting - 6

Karlie Addison – Color Expression – Painting – 6

First place in this age group goes to Karlie for her painting titled “Color Expression”. Congratulations, Karlie! This color combination works well together. It reminds me of the pansies that bloom in early spring and the irises that bloom in the summer. 

Second Place:

Lydia Lyon - Zion - pen & paper - 5

Lydia Lyon – Zion – pen & paper – 5

Our second place award winner is 5 year old Lydia. Lydia’s entry is a pen drawing on paper titled “Zion”. Nicely done, Lydia! This makes me smile. Great detail for a young artist. Congratulations!

Third Place:

Griffin - Mayan Snake - pottery - 8

Griffin – Mayan Snake – pottery – 8

Third place goes to Griffin for his pottery titled “Mayan Snake”. Our judge said, Cute placement of the snake, especially the tongue and eyes. Very nicely done. Good work, Griffin!

Fourth Place:

Andrew DeHaven - Mama Hen and Chick - photography - 7

Andrew DeHaven – Mama Hen and Chick – photography – 6

Six year old Andrew receives the fourth place award for his photograph titled “Mama Hen and Chick”. Chickens are a great subject, especially the babies are so sweet. This mama and chick are positioned well in the photograph which brings a great focus.  Way to go, Andrew!

9 to 13 Year Olds:

First Place:

Samantha - Daniel Pauses for a Drink on the way to Capernaum - Photography - 11

Samantha – Daniel Pauses for a Drink on the Way to Capernaum – Photography – 11

Our first place award in the middle age group goes to Samantha. Samantha entered a photograph titled “Daniel Pauses for a Drink on the Way to Capernaum”. Natural spaces can be a challenge to get a good focus of the subject you want to portray. In this photo you have good use of the natural lighting for a dramatic effect. Beautiful photograph, Samantha!

Second Place:

Joseph Muehlhausen - Flori Garden - origami & wood - 10

Joseph Muehlhausen – Flori Garden – origami & wood – 10

Joseph receives our second place award for his sculpture titled “Flori Garden”. His sculpture is made of wood and origami. Congratulations, Joseph. Very original and nicely done!

Third Place: 

Olivia B. - Hummingbird Charm - polymer clay - 12

Olivia B. – Hummingbird Charm – polymer clay – 12

Our third place award goes to Olivia. Olivia’s entry is “Hummingbird Charm” made out of polymer clay. Great detail on the wings. I like the different colors of the neck from the rest of the body. Pretty!  Nice work, Olivia.

Fourth Place: 

Tatum Cranford-The Blue Umbrella-pencil & crayon - 13

Tatum Cranford-The Blue Umbrella-pencil & crayon – 13

“The Blue Umbrella” by Tatum is our fourth place award winner. This piece is a pencil and crayon drawing. The combination of the pencil and crayons are very nicely done. Good pressure control on the crayons. Looking closely, I love the smiles on the umbrellas. Congratulations, Tatum!

Honorable Mention:

Khloe Addison - Queen Latilsa - Pottery - 9

Khloe Addison – Queen Latilsa – Pottery – 9

An honorable mention goes to Khloe. Khloe’s entry is a pottery sculpture titled “Queen Latilsa”. For the age there is a lot of detail, and it appears there was a lot of thought put into it. Cute! Good job, Khloe.

14 to 18 Year Olds:

First Place:

Rebecca - Zoe - Pencil - 14

Rebecca – Zoe – Pencil – 14

Rebecca receives the first place award in the older age group with her pencil drawing titled “Zoe”.  Another great one by Rebecca. The shading/lighting in the various areas bring this picture to life. The eyes….oh, the eyes, are wonderful. Even in full zoom this looks like a photograph. Excellent composition! Congratulations, Rebecca!

Second Place:

Alyssa Forbes - Mother's Kiss - graphite - 15

Alyssa Forbes – Mother’s Kiss – graphite – 15

Second place goes to Alyssa with her graphite drawing titled “Mother’s Kiss”.  Alyssa has captured the delicate details very well. Mother’s tendrils of hair along side her face. Baby’s darkened nose, give the impression she is cold. Great proportion with the eyes, teeth and smile. Very well done. Beautiful drawing, Alyssa.

Third Place:

Angelina D. - Jennifer Lawrence - graphite - 16

Angelina D. – Jennifer Lawrence – graphite – 16

Third place goes to Angelina for her lovely drawing titled, “Jennifer Lawrence”. Angelina, this is beautiful. The eyes are life like, the proportions of the nostrils, ears, and lips are great. Wonderful detail to the structure and shading of the collar bone, jaw, and neck area.  Great work, Angelina!

Fourth Place:

Kelsey Scarbrough - Arrowdynamic - sharpie, paper - 18

Kelsey Scarbrough – Arrowdynamic – sharpie, paper – 18

Kelsey is our fourth place winner in this age group. Her entry is titled, “Arrowdynamic” and is a drawing created with marker on paper. Amazing amount of work and great designs in the piece. So fun…. Great work Kelsey!

This show is jam packed with beautiful, unique work. I am very proud to host this show at Art For Homeschool. Thank you to all the artists that participated. Thank you to all the parents that helped their children enter the show. Thank you again, Heather, for judging. I know being the judge of this show was not easy.

The first and second place winners will be receiving an email message from me in the next day or so to get mailing addresses. I will be sending the results to our sponsor, Dick Blick Art Materials, so they can mail out the award gift certificates. First and second place winners will receive a $20 gift certificate. Best of Show receives a $40 gift certificate. My hope is that all that receive certificates will let Dick Blick know how much they are appreciated.

I have enjoyed putting this show together for all of you. Please tell others about this event. We will have another award show April 2015. October 2014 we will have a “show and tell” art show just for fun. No awards in that one. Just sharing what you are up to.

Thanks for stopping by. I would appreciate it if you would look over all the lessons and other things available here at Art For Homeschool.

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Presenting the Art For Homeschool April 2014 Art Show

Hi Everyone! I hope you are having a wonderful day wherever you are. I am very excited to share the April Art Show entries with you. We have a very nice show with a combination of different types and styles of work! We have photography, drawings, mixed media, paintings, sculptures, computer art, and pottery. Did I forget anything?

The numbers in each age group are pretty even. I am placing photos of the art work in galleries by age group for your viewing. The art work is in the process of being judged and the announcement of awards will be April 15. Something to look forward to!

You are welcome to go through the galleries and leave comments of encouragement and praise. This art work was produced by a wonderful group of talented artists. I am quite impressed. In my opininion, the art work in this show is superb! I would not want to be the judge. I am so thankful for the artist that has volunteered to judge this show. You will find out about her when the awards are announced.

Don’t forget that Dick Blick Art Materials is our sponsor, so if you can give them a little business I know that would be appreciated. I am not an affiliate, and do not receive any compensation from them except the awards for this show.

The artwork is being placed in a Gallery in the post. The art work comes up in random order each time you come to the page. If you click on an individual piece of art you can see a larger image. So take a look! Oh! Please share this article through Facebook, Twitter, or any Social Media group you use.

14 to 18 year olds:


9 to 13 year olds:

5 to 8 years olds:


I hope you enjoy the show. Please come back to get results April 15.

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Number of Entries in the Art Show

I was looking through the art show entries and noticed that some people were entering two pieces of art and some were entering five. I was confused about why this was happening. I looked at the website and the AFH Art Show page. All articles said two entries for the April show and five for the October show.

Then I went back to the AFH Flickr group and found the culprit. I had changed the announcement of the art show in the AFH News section by putting in a date and keeping the text. I missed changing the wording of entry numbers from five to two. So I messed up.  I am so sorry about the confusion this may have caused some of you. You think you have everything put together with all the information and ………. Sorry again!

I can only take two entries in the April Show. So, if your child entered more than two I need the extra entries removed.

Now if you are still reading, please make sure all entries have tags. The tags should include:

Art For Homeschool April 2014
Name of Student
Title of Art work

I am excited about the entries we are getting. They are awesome! The quality of work is amazing. I apologize again for the inconvenience of limiting your entries to two.



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April 1 Deadline Coming Soon!

This is a friendly reminder that the deadline for the next Art for Homeschool Art Show is in a couple of days. The deadline is April 1 at midnight CDT.

I find it really hard to believe that March is almost over. How does time speed by so fast? Spring break has come and gone in most places in the United States. In Oregon, this is the last weekend of spring break. The weather has been a little crazy here with snow, sunshine, rain, hail, and sleet sometimes in the same day. I hope everyone has had a wonderful vacation whether you were swimming or sledding. We did both!

I also hope you have gotten your entries together for the show and have been able to get good photographs. For two dimensional work, try to crop out anything in the photo that is not part of the art work. Taking a picture of your work in natural light is always the best choice unless you are having bad weather. I try to take pictures outside but you can use the light through a window and even use a lamp to even the lighting out a little.

For those of you that have never entered one of our shows, remember to subscribe to this blog through email and then go to Flickr to ask to join the Art for Homeschool group. Flickr sends me an email and I will then add you to the group so you can upload art work to the group. Be sure to add all the very important tags.

For those of you that have participated in the past, just upload your new work to the group. You can enter two pieces.

I have gotten a lot of new subscribers to the blog in the past week. I want to welcome you to this site. I hope you enjoy the show and all the other articles that have been posted over the years. Some of my new subscribers have not joined the AFH group. I figure that is because you are not interested in the show, but are interested in learning about art activities. Whatever the reason for subscribing, I want to say “Thank You!” to all of my subscribers whether you have been a subscriber for years or days. You are appreciated!

I also want to thank all that have taken the time to tell others about this site and the upcoming art show. Do you know of any other sites that give this opportunity to homeschool students?

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April Awards Art Show – Deadline Coming Soon!

April 1 is the deadline for the next Art For Homeschool Art Show. Please get your entries uploaded to the AFH Flickr group to be included in the show. Homeschool students can enter two piece of original art work. What do I mean by original? The art work should not be a copy of another artist’s work.

Dick Blick Art Materialsis donating $160 in gift certificate awards for the show. WOW! Thank you Dick Blick. There will be a $40.00 Best of Show award and two $20 awards for each of the age groups. The age groups are 5 to 8 years old, 9 to 13 years old, and 14 to 18 years old.

If you have entered the art show before then you can easily upload to the AFH Flickr group by midnight Pacific Time to be in the show. If you have never entered one of the AFH Shows then go to this link to find out all the rules.

What type of artwork can be entered in the show?

Two dimensional artwork such as: Pencil drawings, paintings (oil, acrylic, watercolors), mixed media, crayon, pastels, collage, photography, colored pencil, marker, charcoal, etc.

Three dimensional artwork such as: Pottery, weaving, sculpture, etc.

When you upload you artwork to the AFH Flickr Group please label it as shown below.

Art For Homeschool April 2014

I am very excited about giving the homeschool community a venue for student artists. I hope you will support this venture by telling others about this opportunity through your website, social media, etc. If you have any questions about this upcoming art show please do not hesitate to ask. You can send me a message through email, the contact page, or through comments. April 1 is coming soon!

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