Can You Draw or Paint an Elephant?

elephant taking a dust bath

Dust Bath

I went to Thailand last year on vacation. It was a very interesting trip filled with numerous learning experiences. One of the most fun adventures we had on the trip was going to an elephant camp. At the camp we watched the elephants perform in a show and then we got to ride on the back of an elephant. It was so fun!!!! 

One of the elephants was an artist. Can you believe that? The elephant did a drawing of another elephant. I was pretty amazed watching this happen. You can see the elephant do his drawing below.

I think it would be fun to have everyone try to do a drawing or painting of an elephant. If an elephant can do it, don’t you think you can too? In case you don’t have any pictures of elephants I am putting some in this article also. If you are a member of the flickr group please upload your elephant drawings to the group for fun. If you are not a member, you might want to join or you can email me a picture or scan of your drawing.

Here are some more elephant photos:

baby elephant

Cute Baby Elephant

elephant trainer

Elephant Trainer

people riding the elephants

Riding Elephants

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2 Responses to Can You Draw or Paint an Elephant?

  1. Gary: It truly was amazing to me also. I kept thinking the trainer was doing something I couldn’t see. Just the fact that the elephant could hold a paintbrush and make a contolled mark on paper fascinated me. I have owned some pretty intelligent animals that have taught me many lessons. ~Terry

  2. Gary Turner says:

    I was amazed watching the elephant paint an elephant. I can imagine dogs painting dogs, horses painting horses, ducks painting ducks, etc. It’s overwhelming thinking about how intelligent animals are.

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