Do You Need Something to Draw?

Do you want to draw or paint today? Are you out of ideas of what to do? Maybe you need a suggestion. Maybe you need to draw something that will then get the  creative thoughts coming.  We all have days like that. I know sometimes I go into my studio and I have no idea of what I want to work on.

So today I am providing some pictures that you can draw. There are two pictures of still life setups that I have used in my classroom. The items in the still life do not really go together. There are art supplies, books, cow skulls and bones, flowers, and other things I have collected. Putting all these different items creates interest and gives you a lot to look at.

If you decide you want to draw one of these you can change it up to your liking. You can add to or subtract from the picture. Maybe you only want to draw one section of the photo. That is perfectly fine. Make it more your own. I have even included one photo in black and white  to help you see the values in it.

In fact, looking at the pictures might inspire you to create a still life of your own. You can even create a still life with only a few items or 4 or 5. You do not have to spend a great amount of time finding things to put in the still life. One place you can find great items for a still life is the refrigerator. Fruit and vegetables are great for drawing. You can draw and then eat.

Hope you have a great day. If you draw a still life, I would love to see them. Upload them to the AFH flickr group if you are a member or send me an email.

Skull Still Life




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