February “Art for Homeschool” Art Show Award Winners

The February Art Show results are in. “Thank You” to everyone that entered the show. Another big “Thank You” to those that came to the website to vote for the People’s Choice Award. You are all appreciated!

Three of my High School Art III students worked as a panel to determine the award winners. Thank you, Kelly, Amanda and Dillon. Judging this show gave the three the chance to apply their knowledge of art criticism.  Some of the judges comments will be included in the results.

I was very happy with the number of entries in this show. This month’s show did not have a theme. Do you think that is the reason for more entries? I was disappointed that there were no entries in the 14 through 18 year old age group, though. Are there not as many high school students that are homeschooled? Or maybe not as many high school students that are interested in art?

If you are a First Place or People’s Choice award winner, you will receive an email from me asking for your physical address. Dick Blick needs that information so they can mail the prize of a $10 gift certificate. Thank you Dick Blick for your donation.

And the Award Winners are…….

5 through 8 Years Old:

First Place Award

First place goes to Melody, an 8 year old homeschool student for her collage titled, Nature. The judges  loved the brilliance, freshness, and variety of the colors in the composition. They also spoke of enjoying the simplicity of the tree and cloud shapes as well as the wonderful textures. The work has a feeling of a wonderful summer day.  Great work, Melody!

Second Place Award

Our second place award goes to 5 year old Graceanne for her pastel titled Tree Reflections.  Congratulations  Graceanne! You did a great job! The judges were very impressed with the subject matter for this age. Reflections in water are difficult to portray. The judges really liked the change in color in the leaves from oranges to golds and yellows. 

9 through 13 Years Old:

First Place Award

The first place award in the 9 though 13 year old category goes to Dougal for her Fairy Dragon. The judges thought the artist showed exceptional drawing skills and an eye for detail with this piece. They enjoyed the whimsical feeling the art work portrayed, and felt that the warm/cool color scheme worked well. Good job, Dougal!

Second Place Award

The second place award goes to Jake for his watercolor titled Ashley. Watercolors can be difficult to work with if you do not have patience. Sometimes the work can get muddy from over work. The judges were impressed with the freshness and looseness of the background and the accuracy in the drawing. They loved the tilt of the goat’s head and all the layers of glazing that gave the painting its detail.

Homeschool Parents:

I love it when homeschool parents participate in the art show. What a great learning experience for parent and child! Please keep those parent entries coming….

First Place

Lara DeHaven, a homeschool mother with five children, won first place with her painting titled Jessie Has the Blues. With that many children I do not know how she had time to paint at all, but her work is a pleasure to view. The monochromatic theme for the subject makes the painting unique. You get the feeling that Lara was having fun as she painted this piece. The judges loved the simplicity of shapes within the horse’s head and the fuzzy ear and muzzle.

People’s Choice Award

Thank you for your interest in voting for People’s Choice. What a difficult decision to make. I know you all had to think long and hard about your vote. When it came time for me to determine the award winner, I had to count and recount because the voting was so close. One vote made the difference.

The People’s Choice Award goes to:

Congratulations, Dougal!  We had an incredible amount of people looking at the show which I am very grateful for. I hope this show grows to have many more artists involved and art awards to give out. Please spread the word to people or companies that might want to sponsor an award for the show. Plus, keep on making art. The next art show will be here before you know it.


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  1. I am sooooo proud of this art show. Thanks everyone for participating! Please leave comments on the art work at our flickr group or on this post. I know the children would enjoy getting positive feedback.

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