Homeschooling Parents are Artists Too!

Homeschool parents deserve special recognition. They have an incredible job as teachers of their children. Most homeschooling parents I know take this responsibility very seriously. They are always looking for new methods to improve the educational experience.

One method homeschool parents often use to encourage their children to learn is by setting an example. I believe that the following parents’ entries inspired the artist in their child as well as the artist within themselves. 

When I first got the idea for an online show, I had no intentions of parents entering the show. I sure am glad I changed my mind. These homeschool parents are great artists, role models, and teachers. Good job!

So, what do you think? The parents don’t win any prizes, but I know they would love to get some comments on their work.

Lady Liberty

Lady Liberty - Lara


Plumeria - Lara

Boys at the Lake - Eva

Boys at the Lake - Eva

Ignacio at Sunset

Ignacio at Sunset - Eva


Regulus Omnicolor - Andrea


Bariloche - Andrea

 I also want to let you see the artwork done by a child that was too young to be included in the judged portion of the show.  He is only three years old! Impressive indeed! Makes me smile.

Octopus at the Beach

Octopus at the Beach - Ignacio

You can see the student entries here. Don’t forget to vote for People’s Choice.

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  1. Excellent post on homeschool methods! I really enjoyed reading it, and my site is about Home Schooling so I’m not just saying is lightly. Keep up the great work!

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