Life in a Day – Get Your Video Cameras Ready

What do you have planned for Saturday, July 24, 2010? Anything special or are you just going to be hanging around the house? You may be wondering why I am asking.

Well, director Kevin MacDonald and producer Ridley Scott have an activity they would like you to participate in on that date. They are putting together a project called Life in a Day, which is being labeled an historic cinematic event.  The team wants you to videotape what you are doing on July 24th and then send it to them.  The most compelling video will be put together in a documentary film.

Watch the video below to find out more plus go to the Life in a Day page at You Tube. There is a lot of information their, with guidelines and exactly what to do on filming day. You have until July 31 to upload your video to the project. If your film is chosen the people in it will have to sign a release. Be sure you know everyone in your video tape and have their permission to include them in this project.

I thought this activity might be something that homeschool parents might want to do with their children. You might be able to give the world some insight into the life of homeschooling.

I just found out about the project so I am trying to get you the information quickly.  You don’t have much time to get prepared if you are going to participate.

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