May 2011 Art Show Results

The results for the May 2011 Art For Homeschool Art Show are in. Before I announce the winners I want to tell you how the art show was judged. I feel that judging an art show can be a learning experience. So, I gave all seven of my high school art classes at Navasota High School the chance to take part in this undertaking. We spent one class period doing this assignment. This assignment is something that homeschool parents and students could do also.

Throughout the year my students have learned about the Elements of Art and the Principles of Design. They have done projects focusing on the individual elements and principles. My students have also learned the different theories for art criticism. It was interesting to see the reactions of these high school students.

I told my students to write a comment about each entry before picking award winners. First of all we did a quick viewing of the art work. Then we spent time looking at each individual piece. As they looked I asked them to write about the work. They were told to make a positive comment and then a suggestion for improvement. As the students viewed the work I reminded them to continue looking for the elements and principles used. We also discussed the ages of these budding artists and how this assignment was giving them a chance to be involved in a young child’s art education.

Writing a positive comment was not that difficult for most students. But when it came to making a suggestion some students were confused. I was asked over and over if they were supposed to say what was wrong with the work. I kept clarifying that I wanted them to write a comment giving the artist a suggestion of what they could have done to make the art work better. They were told not to make a negative comment such as “I don’t like…….” After the students wrote their comments then they were allowed to make the decision about award winners.

Now that you know how the show was judged, let’s get on with announcing the award winners!

5 – 8 years old:

First Place

the sail boat by maggie

The Sailboat by Maggie

Congratulations to eight year old Maggie Hodges with her wonderful pastel titled “The Sailboat.” Here is a compilation of comments from my students:

Maggie, you have great style. I really like the mixture and variety of color in the clouds. I love the realism and shading. I get the feeling of a storm approaching but I also sense a peacefulness.

Suggestion: If you made the sailboat larger it would give it more emphasis.

Second Place
landscape with butterflies

Landscape with Butterflies by July

Second place goes to 5 year old July Mansted for this beautiful acrylic monoprint on fabric. If you are interested in how July did this creative artwork go to our flickr group at this link. July’s mother explains the process and theme of this project.

Comments: Using all the different techniques is very creative. Good color choices. The placement of the butterflies gives a sense of space. The work is unique and gives an abstract feeling. I enjoy all the textures. I see something different each time I look. Great job!

Suggestion: Crop the edges of your work next time.
9 – 13 Years Old:

First Place

Bubbles by Luci

Bubbles by Luci

Luci Hodges is our first place award winner in the 9 – 13 year old category with her pastel titled “Bubbles”. Congratulations, Luci!

Comments: What a unique subject! I really enjoy the different colors reflected in the bubbles. The design is more interesting since you made each bubble a different size.

Suggestion: If you do this subject again, you might consider putting more color in the background and more bubbles.

Second Place

Tornado by Graham

"Tornado" by Graham

Graham Hodges wins the second place award for his pastel titled “Tornado”. Good job!

Comments: Good use of color. Like the way you blended the colors and did not make the tornado all the same. It looks real, have you been in a tornado? When I look at your tornado it makes me think of how I feel when I get angry. Great use of the whole page.

Suggestions: Maybe next time you could add more things getting destroyed in the tornado.

People’s Choice

People’s Choice was voted on by you the viewers. I was surprised when the deadline for voting came and there was a tie. So for the May 2011 show we will have two People’s Choice awards.

the sail boat by maggie

The Sailboat by Maggie

Congratulations to Maggie for her pastel titled The Sailboat and to Tyler for his watercolor crayon drawing of High Sky Dragon! You both did a great job!

High Sky Dragon by Tyler

High Sky Dragon by Tyler







I want to take this time to thank everyone for entering the Art For Homeschool Art Show. I hope this online show is an encouraging and educational experience for you. If you won an award, you will receive an email from me asking for your physical address so your award can be mailed to you. If you did not win an award, remember that this is just one art show. Please continue to nurture that artist within.

***Note: I have had grief posting this article. I am not sure what the problem is with my version of WordPress. I apologize if the format is a little crazy.

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5 Responses to May 2011 Art Show Results

  1. John Hodges says:

    great job Graham and Luci


  2. Terri – thank you for hosting this quarterly art show. For your time and talents you share. The joy you have for art! The children love to participate with the other homeschooler! Thank you for describing the judging process. You are right – judging would be a great thing for homeschoolers to do as a lesson as well. A big thank you to each and every one of your students for their time and comments. (and thanks Grandma and Grandpa for your sweet comments above! 🙂

  3. John Hodges says:

    great job mag—


  4. Blossom says:

    Congratulations to all. Great work 🙂

  5. Laura Hodges says:

    Congratulations to the three of you Hodges kids. I absolutely LOVE these pictures and I can see why they were chosen as first and second place! Graham, I think if you and Luci had not been in the same age category, your picture of the tornado would have taken first place also. It’s the best tornado drawing I have ever seen. I am one proud Grandma.

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