November 2012 AFH Art Show Entries

November is the month of Thanksgiving and I am thankful for the support and interest everyone has given to the Art For Homeschool website as well as the online art show. Thank you parents and students for your support in this venture. By the way, the art work in this show is wonderful!!!

We have 25 entries in the AFH Online Art Show this month. There are 13 students contributing 22 pieces of work and 2 parents with three entries. I am glad I am not the judge of this art work. It is going to be tough to determine the award winners.

There will be a People’s Choice Award once again. That means you will be able to vote for your favorite work of art. Each person gets one vote. The art work with the most votes will receive a gift certificate from Dick Blick Art Materials. You can vote at the link provided at the bottom of the article. You have until midnight (CST), November 13 to vote.

Please take the time to look at all the art work and leave some comments for these young artists at the Art For Homeschool Flickr Group or here at the end of the article. We want to continue to encourage the passion for art and creativity in these children.

The award winners from each age group will be announced November 15, 2012. Age groups are 5 to 8 years old, 9 to 13 years old, and 14 to 18 years old. Please spread the word about the show. I think it is well worth your time to view all the work in the online art show gallery. The art work is placed in random order with ages mixed together. The parent work is not in the running for People’s Choice. I have shared the parent work in a separate article. Click here to see the parent’s work.

November Art Show Entries:

Vote for People’s Choice.

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