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November 2012 Parent Work

I am pleased that we have two parents that entered their art work in the November 2012 AFH online art show. Even though they are not eligible to win any awards I want to give everyone a chance to look at their work.

Being a model for your children is so important and such a part of homeschooling. As parents we want our children to fall in love with learning. What better way to model the importance of art and creativity than to create art work alongside your children.

"Glorious Streams of Light" by Julie Capaldi

“Glorious Streams of Light” by Julie Capaldi

The first parent entry is by Julie Capaldi. Julie entered a photograph titled, Glorious Streams of Light. The title is quite fitting. Thank you Julie for sharing this beautiful image with us.

Orange Flower by Lara DeHaven

Orange Flower by Lara DeHaven

The next two pieces of art work were contributed by Lara DeHaven. Lara’s art work is created with colored pencil. The drawings are from nature and show a brillance of color. The art work above is titled Orange Flower. The art work below is titled Autumn Leaves.

Autumn Leaves by Lara DeHaven

Autumn Leaves by Lara DeHaven

To view the student art work in the November 2012 Art Show click here.

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