October Art Work by Homeschool Students

I love it when children get excited about creating. It doesn’t matter to me if they are painting, gluing, taping, using clay, taking photographs with a camera, etc. When the artistic process is at work and I see that spark of creativity, I know that God’s inspiration has touched a soul. It makes me pause and appreciate the gifts God gives us.

Our October Art Show has a variety of work. There are no prizes. There are no critiques. There is no judging. This show is just for your viewing pleasure and also a way for these homeschool students to show off what they have been doing. I hope you enjoy the work. Please leave comments, if you enjoy the work. I know the students would like to hear some encouraging words.

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2 Responses to October Art Work by Homeschool Students

  1. Marie, My goodness. I looked all through the Flickr group and did not see that piece of artwork. I will go back, fi d it and include it in the post. I am so sorry. ~ Terry

  2. Marie says:

    What a nice selection of artwork! My daughter submitted a work called “fortuneteller” a couple days before the deadline and it looks like it didn’t get included.

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