October Deadline for AFH Art Show

Gecko Magic

Gecko Magic by Terry

Want a way to show off what you have been creating over the summer? Well, here is your chance. October 1 is the deadline for the next Art For Homeschool Art Show. The show is going to be handled differently than the ones in the past. This time the show will give no awards. The purpose of the show is to provide a no pressure place to share your artwork and any comments you might want to make about the process. I guess you could call it a “show and tell”. Students may enter five pieces of artwork instead of the usual 2. This way homeschoolers and parents can show off several different types of media.

When all the entries come in, I will post a gallery of the work. Visitors to the site can make comments of encouragement to these student and parent artists as in the past. This time we will not vote on anything. There will be an awards show in April 2014. So put that on your calendar. The April show will give away $140.00 worth of gift certificates donated by our sponsor Dick Blick.

Not sure what type of art work can be entered? In the October show you can enter any type of media, two dimensional and three dimensional. Just take a picture, crop it so that there is no background showing and upload it to the Art For Homeschool Flickr group. Tag the art work in the following manner:

For students:

Art For Homeschool
Student Name

Parents tag their art work as follows:

Art For Homeschool Parent

I would like this art show to be a learning experience for all of us. So, when you upload your work to Flickr please take the time to make a comment about your art work. It would be nice to know what inspired you, why you chose the subject you did, what your purpose was, what you were trying to say, etc. You can even tell us what you learned or even if you had any problems with the supplies, or any technical information that might me helpful.

For instance, the art work at the top of this page is titled Gecko Magic. Gecko Magic is a painting that I did last spring. I created this piece by first painting an abstract painting with watercolor, splashing and throwing color down. Then I drew the geckos on the page. I then painted around the geckos to make the background darker. After the painting dried I drew on it with permanent markers in a sort of “doodle” type method. Creating this painting was more fun than work. I had a great time playing with it in the evenings after teaching all day. My purpose for this painting was to create something playful with cheerful colors. I was inspired by the geckos I had seen in Hawaii. Watching these little creatures scampering about always makes me smile.

This is just an example of what you can include with your work. It is certainly not necessary to say so much. A sentence or two is okay as well.

Art means so many things to different people. To me, it is always interesting to hear what the artist was thinking as they made their work. So, please share your thoughts with us in the new Art For Homeschool October Show.

I look forward to seeing your work!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Deadline October 1 at midnight CST.

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