Presenting the Art For Homeschool April 2014 Art Show

Hi Everyone! I hope you are having a wonderful day wherever you are. I am very excited to share the April Art Show entries with you. We have a very nice show with a combination of different types and styles of work! We have photography, drawings, mixed media, paintings, sculptures, computer art, and pottery. Did I forget anything?

The numbers in each age group are pretty even. I am placing photos of the art work in galleries by age group for your viewing. The art work is in the process of being judged and the announcement of awards will be April 15. Something to look forward to!

You are welcome to go through the galleries and leave comments of encouragement and praise. This art work was produced by a wonderful group of talented artists. I am quite impressed. In my opininion, the art work in this show is superb! I would not want to be the judge. I am so thankful for the artist that has volunteered to judge this show. You will find out about her when the awards are announced.

Don’t forget that Dick Blick Art Materials is our sponsor, so if you can give them a little business I know that would be appreciated. I am not an affiliate, and do not receive any compensation from them except the awards for this show.

The artwork is being placed in a Gallery in the post. The art work comes up in random order each time you come to the page. If you click on an individual piece of art you can see a larger image. So take a look! Oh! Please share this article through Facebook, Twitter, or any Social Media group you use.

14 to 18 year olds:


9 to 13 year olds:

5 to 8 years olds:


I hope you enjoy the show. Please come back to get results April 15.

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