Results of the November 2011 Art For Homeschool Show

We have a wonderful grouping of artwork in the November 2011 Art For Homeschool Art Show. I am proud of all the artists and the work representing homeschool students from many different places in the world. Congratulations to all involved. Participating in this show is a giant leap for some of these children.

Thank you parents for supporting your child’s interest in art by helping them enter the show. Please spread the word in the homeschool community. I hope that in some way this art show will encourage these young artists to continue a life of creativity. If you are proud of these kids, please let them know. If you know of someone that would like to encourage children in this manner, tell them about the show. If you know someone that would like to donate awards, please contact me. Maybe we can get more interest with more awards for the future.

I also want to thank my Art II students for taking interest in the art work and writing encouraging comments for the artists.  I have placed their comments in italics and added some suggestions that they made as well. Please remember that these comments are meant to encourage and help in future art work created. Also remember that everyone has an opinion about art. You certainly do not have to agree with their opinions at all. It is just food for thought.

So here are the awards:

5 to 8 years old:


harvest moon

Graceanne, 5 years, Harvest Moon

Our first place award goes to Graceanne for her pastel titled Harvest Moon.  Comments:  The work is imaginative, with good color choices and great texture.  The reflection adds to the composition and makes it more interesting. One way you could have improved the work would be to add more detail to the moon. Congratulations Graceanne!


Solar System

Ignacio, almost 5, Solar System

Art work by almost five year old Ignacio receives second place with his pastel titled, Solar System.  The judges really liked the detail and proportion used in the drawing of the planets. The organization and neatness of the composition is impressive. Keep up the good work! Some students thought that they might have liked the background better if it had been black and had stars.

9 to 13 years old:


summer branch

Rebecca, 11 years, Summer Branch

Rebecca is the first place winner of the 9 through 13 years old category. She did a lovely colored pencil sketch titled, Summer Branch. Some quotes from the judges are: The highlights in the berries really create form in the work and the values in the flowers are great.  I love the colors and the shading in the berries and flowers. Great blending of colors. Well detailed. Wouldn’t change anything. A few student judges thought the composition might have been better if the end of the branch would have gone off the page. Another thought was to turn the drawing and make the flowers go up vertically.  Great work!


hot chocolate

Maggie, 9 years, Hot Chocolate

Maggie created our second place winner with her pastel titled, Hot Chocolate. The student judges had an emotional reaction to the painting saying that it made them think of Willy Wonka or made them want to go get some hot chocolate. Comments are: You make the chocolate drink come alive with the steam rising. I love the simplicity of detail. Wonderful job on shading. I want some hot chocolate! I like the color and hearts in the cup. As far as a suggestion for improvement, the students thought that the picture of the art work could have been improved by cropping the edge of the table top out of the image.  Congratulations Maggie.

14 to 18 years old:



Luci, 14 years, Kitty

Luci is our award winner in this age group. She won first place with her photograph titled, Kitty. The student judges liked the fact that Luci created a close up image that was off center. Comments: The contrast in the kitty’s face and the darkness of the eyes creates interest. The slight out of focus effect creates a softness to the fur that is pleasing. Good work. 


watercolor mosaic

Luci, 14 years, Splatters

Luci is also our second place winner with her watercolor mosaic titled, Splatters.  Comments: I like how you cut up the painting and mixed it up. Doing that made it more interesting. Very creative. Good color choices. Some students suggested using a different color for the background. Thank you, Luci for participating in our online show!

Parent Entries:

We had two parent entries in the Art For Homeschool art show. Eva Rendon entered a photograph and a collage that she created. They are both lovely and show a diversity in how one subject can be presented. Enjoy!

Eva - photography

Fall Colors

Eva took this photograph on a trip to the zoo with her son, Ignacio.

fall tree  collage

Fall Tree

Eva commented that this is a  sample collage she made for her son using leaves picked up during a walk to the library.  She used leaves and maple tree seeds on canvas with Mod-Podge. I think this is a wonderful idea for a project using items from nature. An added bonus is that the collage is beautiful as well. Thanks Eva for sharing this idea with us!


summer branch

Rebecca, 11 years, Summer Branch

People’s Choice Award goes to Rebecca with Summer Branch. The detail in this colored pencil is impressive. The berries look as if you could reach out and touch them. The shading and texture in the branch and the leaves adds to the three dimensional feel of the drawing. Working with colored pencil is difficult and takes a lot of patience and layering of color. Rebecca, I hope you will keep drawing with colored pencil! I can’t wait to see what you create next. Thank you for sharing your work with us.

Award winners will receive an email from me asking for their physical email address. I want to tell our sponsor, Dick Blick, where to mail the gift certificates. The next art show deadline will be February 1, 2012. I hope everyone has a wonderful Thanksgiving!

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