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Silhouette Sky Painting

ablanca 300x191 Silhouette Sky Painting

City Sky

Searching the internet for art information and instruction can sometimes be frustrating. If you know how to narrow your search you will get better results. In a technology mini-workshop I discovered a way to search the internet by filetype. I was excited when I found out you can search specifically for Power Point presentations on a certain subject.

Making Power Point Presentations takes time. If I can find something that saves me time and I feel is worthwhile for my students then I will use it in my classroom. Homeschool parents can easily do this type of internet search to find presentations for their child’s homeschool study.

adavid1 300x207 Silhouette Sky Painting

Barn and Bridge

I found a really nice Power Point Presentation showing how to paint watercolor skies over an ink silhouette. The words I typed in for the search were: filetype:ppt watercolor. The address that comes up under the title is: art4cast.wikispaces.com/file/view/Watercolor+Skies.ppt.
I cannot make a link to the actual Power Point. If you want to see this presentation, search the way I did or copy and paste the address that says art4cast into your google search engine. Then you will have to download or open the presentation to your computer.

I downloaded and showed the presentation to my students and then they created their own silhouette drawing. The scene came from their imagination. After drawing the scene they inked it and then painted the sky using watercolor. The results turned out very nice. Be sure that the ink you use is permanent. You don’t want it to bleed into the sky.

I think you might enjoy trying this assignment. The photos in this article are the paintings done by my students.

ashawn 300x207 Silhouette Sky Painting

The Farm

asolomon 216x300 Silhouette Sky Painting

The Canyon

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