April 1 Deadline Coming Soon!

This is a friendly reminder that the deadline for the next Art for Homeschool Art Show is in a couple of days. The deadline is April 1 at midnight CDT. I find it really hard to believe that March is almost over. How does time speed by so fast? Spring break has come and gone […]

October Deadline for AFH Art Show

Want a way to show off what you have been creating over the summer? Well, here is your chance. October 1 is the deadline for the next Art For Homeschool Art Show. The show is going to be handled differently than the ones in the past. This time the show will give no awards. The […]

A Group Drawing Game

Let’s say it’s a dreary day outside and your children have nothing to do but stay warm inside. They have done their school work and are looking for something to do that will entertain. Let’s play a drawing game. Have you ever imagined that doing a group drawing could be entertaining or considered a game? […]

Results of February 2013 AFH Art Show

The results of our 2013 February AFH Art Show are in. Cindy Falco was kind enough to judge the show for us. Cindy has been a teacher for 31 years. 19 of those years she spent teaching art at the junior high level. Cindy studied at Texas A&M University, Texas State and Lamar University. At […]

Silhouette Sky Painting

Searching the internet for art information and instruction can sometimes be frustrating. If you know how to narrow your search you will get better results. In a technology mini-workshop I discovered a way to search the internet by filetype. I was excited when I found out you can search specifically for Power Point presentations on […]