November 2017
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October 2014 “Show and Tell” Art Show

I bet you have been wondering if I abandoned this blog. Life happened that took my focus away from writing for a while. My priorities shifted somewhat. I will not be able to put as much into the blog at this time due to an illness in the family. I don’t want to give any […]

Art For Homeschool April 2014 Art Show Award Winners

It is April 15th! The day everyone has been waiting for. We have show results to post. Before I tell you who the award winners are I want to give a very big “Thank You!” to Heather L. Giltner, the judge of the show. Heather really took the job of judging the show seriously. She […]

Happy Summer! Plans for the Online Art Show….

Hi Everyone! I guess you were wondering where I have been since I have not been writing lately for Art For Homeschool. I apologize for the silence, but sometimes you just need time to rejuvenate. My husband and I have been on vacation visiting family and friends and traveling about. I hope all of you […]

November 2012 Art For Homeschool Art Show Results

The Art For Homeschool Online Art Show results are in. I have always felt that participating in an art show is an educational endeavor. Looking at the work of other artists creates an avenue for discussion and thought. Seeing other art work may also inspire you or cause you to decide to experiment with a […]

November 2012 AFH Art Show Entries

November is the month of Thanksgiving and I am thankful for the support and interest everyone has given to the Art For Homeschool website as well as the online art show. Thank you parents and students for your support in this venture. By the way, the art work in this show is wonderful!!! We have […]