The Art Show Entries Are In

Would you like to see the entries in the first ever Art For Homeschool Art Show? Click here to go to the group pool.  The theme of the show is “My Favorite Things”.  We had four students contribute work. We also had two parents. Yeah parents! What a great way to set an example for your children.  I want to give a BIG “THANK YOU” to those that participated.

I have to admit I was hoping for more entries but it is a start. I am very impressed with the quality of the art work. It would compete with any of the public school art shows I have been a part of. Put August 1st on your calendar. That will be the deadline for the next art show. I do not know what the theme will be or even if I will have a theme.

If you go to the group pool to see the entries please look at the tags. The tags will tell you how old the student is, the title of the work, and the medium used. Some students were from the same family and were uploaded through one flickr user name. That is why it is important to view the tags.

If you are a member of flickr you will be able to make comments on the art work. I hope you will take the time to do that. Remember to be encouraging to these budding artists.

I was going to put a flickr badge on this site of all the entries but there is some sort of glitch I cannot figure out. For some reason some of the work does not show up on the badge. In fact some of the work does not show up when I am not signed in. I haven’t figured that out yet but will continue trying. I do not know if that is happening with anyone else. FYI: The number of entries is 10.  The awards for the show will be announced May 15.

Enjoy the art work!

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  1. Hey, you’re right — it’s a start. As the word gets out, you’ll probably see more entries…especially as the new school year gets into full swing in August. This time of year can be crazy for many homeschool families. It was fun! Thanks for putting it together.

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