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Are you looking for art lessons online for your homeschool student? Or maybe you are looking to give your child supplemental lessons for the summer. Possibly you are an adult interested in learning basic art concepts. Then you might be interested in becoming a member of the Elements of Art Student Membership Group.

What do you get if you join? You get unlimited online access to the Elements of Art video series for a year. The membership is a great value at the reasonable cost of $29.00. That is less than $4.00 per lesson. If you have more than one child or adult that will be doing the lessons then you are spending less than $2.00 per lesson.

There are 8 lessons in the series covering line, value, shape, form, space, texture, and color. Students participate in activities such as drawing, painting, and weaving. Here are the titles of the lessons:

  • Elements of Art Introduction
  • Lesson One – Line
  • Lesson Two – Value – Part I
  • Lesson Two – Value – Part II
  • Lesson Three – Shape and Form
  • Lesson Four – Space
  • Lesson Five – Texture
  • Lesson Six – Color – Part I
  • Lesson Six – Color – Part II

If you want more detailed information about the video series, click the following links to download a PDF file which will give you more information.

Parent Letter,
Table of Contents,
and Modification Ideas.

Click here to read a review of the video series by Kris Bales, author of Weird, Unsocialized Homeschoolers.

The membership is called the Elements of Art Student Membership. If you would like to purchase a membership, please use the button below. This membership will give you unlimited online access to the videos for a year as well as written explanation of lessons, and modification ideas.

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