Traveling and Creating Artwork

An Abstract Doodle

An Abstract Doodle

I’ve been doing quite a bit of traveling this summer and that can make creating art work a challenge. Before I left on my trip, I decided to design a large abstract painting to carry with me. After painting it on watercolor paper, I tore the painting into 9″ by 12″ pieces that would be easy to carry. I also purchased a pack of five fine tipped pens that I could easily bring along in a backpack. Their tips range in size from a .005 to a .05.

I figured that I could pull the small paintings out for some doodle time if I did not have the time and space to actually get out all my paints and other supplies. I also could create my doodle work while visiting with my husband or other family members.

Abstract Doodles

Abstract Doodle Close Up

I have at least two paintings going at the same time. If I get to a point where I don’t know what to do, I move to the next painting.

Now these are not major works of art, but they are quite fun to create. I feel they are also pleasing to the eye. A few of them I think would make really nice large paintings if enlarged.

I know many of you homeschool students are traveling as well. You might want to try to do some very quick abstract paintings, tear them into smaller ones, and try your hand at doodling with some fine tipped permanent ink pens. I am including some photos of some of mine to give you an idea of what I am talking about.

I wrote about this process a while back. Here is the link to read if you missed the article.

On another note, the August 1 deadline for the Art For Homeschool Art Show is slowly creeping up on us. I hope you are creating some art work to put in the show!!!! Have a great summer and stay cool.







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