Using Elements of Art Series in Public School

I have been using the Elements of Art Series at Navasota High School. Even though the videos were created with home school students in mind, the series has been very helpful in the classroom setting.

I project the videos on a large screen from my computer. I am able to stop, pause and fast forward the lessons as necessary. I like the fact that the students give me immediate feedback when I stop the video to ask questions or discuss a point in depth. If I find that my students are getting the concepts quickly, I then fast forward through some of the demonstrations.

Most students are so conditioned to watching television and videos that they have no problem focusing on the video art lessons. The day my classes watched the Introduction video, we had a contest to see how fast students could list all seven elements of art from memory on the board. Students were eager to get up in front of the class to compete.

At the end of each class the student champion got to challenge me to a “list off”.  I was nervous going against some very fast competitors. I remained undefeated until one student in 4th period and one in 7th period were much faster than me in making the list.  I was very proud to have my students do so well. It was a fun activity and something that home school parents might want to try with their children.

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