Using the Internet – Drawing the Face

The internet is amazing! So much information is available! The problem is that so much information is available. You have to sort and preview to find worthwhile and educational information. That takes time. I really appreciate it when someone has already done the sorting for me.

Teachers had an in-service day at school on Monday and I actually had a chance to do some research on the internet for art lessons. My classes are starting a unit on drawing portraits. Since I am a visual person, I looked for videos that explained how to draw the parts of the face.

I went to You Tube and searched. I watched many videos. Many videos were not appropriate for school. Many videos were not very good as far as teaching how to draw. I went through and created a playlist of the videos that I thought would be of interest to my students.

I will show these videos to my classes throughout the next two weeks as they learn how to draw the eye, mouth, nose, and ears. I am fortunate enough to have a projector that connects to my computer so I can show the videos on a large screen in the classroom. So, the internet can be a great help in keeping my art class a little more interesting for the students. I like to change things up a little so each day is not so predictable. I believe that same philosophy will work in a homeschool setting as well.

I want to share the playlists I made up for my art classes with you. They are listed below. If you are teaching your child how to draw human faces this might come in handy.

Drawing Eyes

Drawing Mouths

Drawing Noses

Drawing Ears

If you have any educational videos that you have found on the internet please let me know through a comment. That way we can share the information with other homeschool parents and students. Have a great day!

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