What is Art For Homeschool?


100_0213 (3)The content of Art For Homeschool is produced by Terry Holliday, art teacher, artist, and blogger. Terry spent 15 years teaching art at the secondary level in two small towns on the edge of central Texas. She became interested in creating art lessons for homeschoolers when her daughter, Lara DeHaven, began homeschooling.  Terry taught her grandchildren art lessons until she moved several thousand miles away.  After the move, Terry began producing video art lessons for her grandchildren.  As Terry made these lessons, she realized these lessons could be helpful to homeschool parents in need of art curriculum.

Art for Homeschool is a website devoted to helping parents give their children art instruction through various ways.  Terry shares her insight through articles about art education.  Art for Homeschool also has a membership portion of the website.

Currently the membership fee gives the student/member the ability to log in to access the Elements of Art video series online. The Elements of Art Series is over 5 hours of 8 lessons covering line, value, shape, form, texture, space, and color. If you would like to become a member, go to the Become a Member page.

If watching the art lessons online is not your cup of tea, then you can purchase the video series on DVD.  Go to Buy Series on DVD.

Homeschool students in K – 12 will also be allowed to show their work online through the Art For Homeschool Student Group on Flickr. Go to the AFH Online Art Show Page for more information.

When not working on art lessons, Terry works on a number of creative ventures. She writes for My Creativity Blog which is dedicated to covering the subjects of creativity, art, the artistic process and art education. Terry finds herself constantly inspired by the beauty of her surroundings and she loves to travel to find new subjects for her art work.  Her favorite media to work with are watercolor, colored pencil, and ink. Terry’s work can be seen and purchased at her website, Watercolors By Terry and at Fine Art America.

Love to Know did an interview with Terry about art and homeschooling. To read the interview click here.