The Art Show Results Are In!

Mrs. Parker judged the first Art For Homeschool Art Show. She is an artist and art teacher from Brenham with many years of experience teaching art classes for children.  Mrs. Parker allowed me to take notes as she judged.  I will send each participant an email with her comments.

The theme of the show was “My Favorite Things.”  We got quite a range of entries and subject matter.

Overall, Mrs. Parker was impressed by the artwork.  She felt the students and parents that entered the show were very brave to put their work on the internet for the world to see. She could see the time and effort all had put in their work.  She asked me to tell all the artists that everyone has their own opinion. What one person likes will not appeal to someone else. Some people will like your art and others will not. Plus, she said not everyone will agree with the way she judged the show. So, don’t give up. Keep trying and keep entering shows.

Mrs. Parker told me a phrase that I think everyone should memorize. It is:

Proper Planning Produces Pretty Pictures (The 5 P’s)

That is easy to remember, but what does it mean? Plan your work. Don’t just throw something together. When putting together a painting, drawing, or photograph think about colors, composition, line, etc.  When Mrs. Parker judged the show she was looking at the effort in the work, the composition, the values, the use of color, unity in the work, movement, emotion, and more.  She was also looking for the story the artist was telling.

Dick Blick Art Materials was kind enough to donate gift certificates in each age category. A $10.00 gift certificate will be awarded and mailed to each of the first place winners.  This is coming through snail mail. So, keep checking that mail box!

Here are the results:

5 – 8 years old:

1st Place:

Butterfly on Yellow Flower by 8 year old Jake DeHaven

Butterfly on Yellow Flower

Butterfly on Yellow Flower

2nd Place:

My Duck by Jake DeHaven

Charlie the Duck

My Duck

9 – 13 years old:

We had a tie for 1st place. Mrs. Parker said this is the toughest group to judge because there is so much that goes into the art work at this age.  Mrs. Parker donated another award for this category. Thank you, Mrs. Parker!

1st Place Awards:

I Love Cats by 10 year old Sprite


I Love Cats

and My Fantasy by 10 year old Kyla DeHaven

My Fantasy

My Fantasy

2nd Place:

Cheyenne by Kyla DeHaven

Horse picture


14 – 18 years old:

1st Place:

Taylor Lautner by 14 year old Brianna

Portrait of Taylor Lautner

Taylor Lautner

In the Parent Category:

I had two brave parents that entered the show. I really appreciate them for supporting the art show in that manner.

1st Place:

Cannas by Lara DeHaven



2nd Place:

Spring in Color by Kris


Spring in Color

So, we made it through the first Art For Homeschool Art Show. There were a few glitches but all in all I think the show worked out well. We had a small number of entries but I am positive the numbers will grow quickly. Please spread the word about our online art show for homeschool students and parents.

The next art show deadline is August 1. The theme is “Summer”.

I would love it if my readers would leave some words of encouragement for the artists that participated in the art show. I am very proud of them! I hope you are too.

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8 Responses to The Art Show Results Are In!

  1. Bruce says:

    Great work by all the winners!!

  2. Great work by all the winners!!

  3. Dana and Amy:

    It is only May and I can’t wait until the August show! I hope we get a large group of entries in the next show. I am going to see what I can do to round up more awards. I wonder if anyone has a grant for something like that? Any ideas?

    Also, members of the Art For Homeschool Group can post pictures of their artwork to the group photostream on for fun while waiting for the August show.

  4. Dana Wilson says:

    Congratulations to the talented artists who won awards! Thank you for giving the homeschooling community this venue for expressing their artistic abilities!

  5. amy in peru says:

    I am positive this is going to grow! I’m excited to have my kids enter the next contest… and you never know, maybe I’ll even be brave! 😉

    amy in peru

  6. I appreciate your feedback. I truly hope this online show will inspire the artist in every child that participates. (and the parents too!)


  7. jimmie says:

    Thanks, Terry, for hosting this contest. I am so proud of Sprite for entering (and winning). I appreciate the detailed feedback you sent us about Sprite’s work.

    She is already thinking about her summer themed art.

    This is a fantastic way to encourage the arts in our children, and I truly appreciate the opportunity.

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