A Group Drawing Game

Let’s say it’s a dreary day outside and your children have nothing to do but stay warm inside. They have done their school work and are looking for something to do that will entertain.

Let’s play a drawing game.

Have you ever imagined that doing a group drawing could be entertaining or considered a game? Well some artists in the early 1900’s started a game like this and called it Exquisite Corpse. You can look it up on the internet if you want to to see how it got started.

Here’s what you need:
You need paper and something to draw with. Each child needs a piece of paper. You can also use colored pencils later when the drawings are revealed.

What to do:
Divide the paper in thirds vertically. This can be done by folding or measuring with a ruler. Once you know the size of each section draw lines showing the division.

You need to have at least two people participating in this activity. So parents with one child will need to play the game also. Get others to participate such as grandma, auntie, or a friend.1corpse1

If your paper is 12 x 18 inches, you would make a line at 6 inches and 12 inches. Each person takes their paper and draws the head of a creature in the top portion of the paper. Do the drawing away from the others so no one can see what you are creating. Use your imagination. It does not need to be realistic. You can draw a horse head, a television head, a water hose head. When your creature’s head is finished, extend your lines into the middle section about a half inch.

Why do you extend the lines a little? Because you are going to fold your head drawing over in half so that the head can not be seen. You are hiding your drawing. You can even tape the fold down so no one will be tempted to peak. Notice the folds in the photos of the student drawings.

Now trade papers with someone. Once you have traded, then you draw the body or torso and arms of an imaginary creature. You have to make your drawing connect to the lines that come from the head portion. You have no idea what is on the top of the paper. Draw whatever comes to you. Have fun with it!

Be sure that your torso drawing lines extend into the third portion of your paper. Fold the drawing so only the third portion of paper can be seen. Trade again.

Now draw the legs and bottom of your creature. I bet you will end up with some very unique and crazy looking creations. Now you can color them to make them even more interesting and fun.

Hope you enjoy playing this game! I also hope spring gets here soon so we can go outside and play. Email me some of your drawings if you like. I would love to see them. The pictures in this article are done by my Art I students.1corpse

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