AFH Art Show – May 2012

The deadline has come and gone for the Art For Homeschool May Art Show. We have twelve entries that are, in my opinion, exceptional. I am glad I am not the judge for this show!!!

These kids are definitely artists. I am so proud of their work and that I can showcase it here at Art For Homeschool! Thank you parents and students for making this show happen. I certainly could not do it without you and your art. Another “Thank you” goes to Dick Blick for donating the gift certificates for the First Place awards.

Once again we will have a People’s Choice award. People can vote for their favorite until midnight Sunday, May 13, CDT. That is Mother’s Day, by the way. I will post the award winners on May 15.

Awards will be given to the First Place winners in each age group as well as People’s Choice. I do not want People’s Choice to be a popularity contest, so please look at the work before voting.

I would also appreciate any tweets, emails, Facebook mentions, etc. that you can give to let the public know about this art show. These kids have worked hard and they deserve to get some notice and recognition. If you are a blogger, a link from your site to this one would be awesome. Plus, comments are always welcome.  Please let these kids know how they did.

Here is the link so you can vote:

Vote for People’s Choice Award here.

You can click on the thumbnail to get a larger view of the art. Enjoy!

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5 Responses to AFH Art Show – May 2012

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  2. I really appreciate the comments you guys are leaving about the show, but I would appreciate it if you could go to the link for the voting form. That way I have all the votes in one place. Thank you again for your interest in the show and your participation!!!!!!

  3. steph says:

    1st = Garden Path
    2nd = Turkish Woman

  4. lee says:

    Can I give half my vote to Cat in the Hat and half to Love Never Fails. 🙂

  5. Kim Casey says:

    1st – Turkish Woman or Nature Path
    2nd – Blast From the Past
    3rh = Cat in the Hat

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