Newest Deadline For AFH Art Show

I hope everyone had a wonderful Easter holiday weekend. Time almost got away from me. As I was dyeing Easter eggs with my grandchildren I realized that I had not written about the upcoming art show. So here goes:

May 1 is the deadline for the next Art For Homeschool Art Show. That gives you 18 days to create something to enter. Can you create something in that amount of time? Of course you can…… I have faith in all you creative homeschoolers and parents.

Is there a theme for the show? No. I am not requiring a particular theme this time. But I am thinking about that requirement for the next show. Anyone have a suggestion for a theme for the August art show? The more general the theme the better.

So please spread the word about the art show deadline through twitter, facebook, flickr, email, or your favorite way of keeping in touch. Some people still talk to each other on the phone. Remember, you can enter two pieces of art in the show. The actual deadline is May 1 at midnight CST.

If you are new to this site, all the information you will need to know is on the page that the following link will take you to. Click here.  Any questions? Send me a message through email. I will try to get back to you as soon as I can.

Now, get busy creating! Need some inspiration? You can go to My Creativity Blog to get some ideas.

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