February 2013 Art Show – For Your Viewing Pleasure

Hurrah!!!! We have more art work for your viewing pleasure! I hope everyone will enjoy seeing the work done by these talented homeschool students and parent. The number of entries may be small but the amount of talent is HUGE!!!!!

Thank you for stopping by to view our online show. If you enjoy what you see, please tell others. We would love a mention on Twitter, Facebook, or whatever social media you use.

Award winners in the show will be announced February 15, so please come back and see the results. I am soooooo glad I am not the judge. What a difficult job my friend and fellow art teacher, Cindy Falco, has in store for her.

As always we will vote for the People’s Choice Award. I have decided this time to include our parent entries in the voting. We have one parent that entered two pieces of art work as an example for her children. There is a form to go to to vote. One vote per person. You must tell me your name and email address. If you vote more than once your votes will not be counted. Remember, this is not a popularity contest. Please look at each entry before recording your opinion.

People’s Choice and 1st Place in each age group will receive a gift certificate from Dick Blick Art Materials. Dick Blick has been sponsoring this show since it began and I really appreciate the support. I know you guys that have won in the past enjoy being able to buy quality art supplies from them as well.

The art work is in the gallery below. The art work is displayed by the gallery randomly. The images you see at first are just thumbnails, so take a moment to click on each one. A large image will come up so you can see better. If you click on the image twice an even larger image is available.

Vote for People’s Choice here.

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  1. Great job Grayson. So proud of you.

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