October 2014 “Show and Tell” Art Show

I bet you have been wondering if I abandoned this blog. Life happened that took my focus away from writing for a while. My priorities shifted somewhat. I will not be able to put as much into the blog at this time due to an illness in the family. I don’t want to give any details but I would appreciate your prayers and patience. With that said, I need to talk about the October 2014 “Show and Tell” Art Show. I hope you have been taking time in your homeschool studies to create some art work that you can share here next month.

Normally I make the October Show entries due on October 1 and I post them in a gallery on October 15. Since October 1 is right around the corner, I would like to push the deadline back to October 15. I will then try to get them placed in a post as a gallery as soon as I can. You may enter 5 pieces of art work. Most of you know the drill, you upload your work to the Art For Homeschool Art Group on Flickr. If you forgot what to do or you are finding this site for the first time go to the tab above titled, Art For Homeschool Art Show.

When you add your art work to the Flickr group, please add these tags:

Art For Homeschool October 2014
Title of Art Work
Medium Used

Creating art is so important for a well rounded education. I hope you are including art in your homeschool studies.

Take care.

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