November 2017
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October 2014 “Show and Tell” Art Show

I bet you have been wondering if I abandoned this blog. Life happened that took my focus away from writing for a while. My priorities shifted somewhat. I will not be able to put as much into the blog at this time due to an illness in the family. I don’t want to give any […]

Presenting the Art For Homeschool April 2014 Art Show

Hi Everyone! I hope you are having a wonderful day wherever you are. I am very excited to share the April Art Show entries with you. We have a very nice show with a combination of different types and styles of work! We have photography, drawings, mixed media, paintings, sculptures, computer art, and pottery. Did […]

Number of Entries in the Art Show

I was looking through the art show entries and noticed that some people were entering two pieces of art and some were entering five. I was confused about why this was happening. I looked at the website and the AFH Art Show page. All articles said two entries for the April show and five for […]

April Awards Art Show – Deadline Coming Soon!

April 1 is the deadline for the next Art For Homeschool Art Show. Please get your entries uploaded to the AFH Flickr group to be included in the show. Homeschool students can enter two piece of original art work. What do I mean by original? The art work should not be a copy of another […]

Next AFH Art Show has a Theme

May 1 is the deadline for the next Art For Homeschool Art Show. Since we have not had a themed show in a long time, I thought it would be a nice change. The May show theme is “Home”. Since everyone participating is a homeschool parent or child, I thought “Home” was a perfect choice. […]