November 2012 Art For Homeschool Art Show Results

The Art For Homeschool Online Art Show results are in. I have always felt that participating in an art show is an educational endeavor. Looking at the work of other artists creates an avenue for discussion and thought. Seeing other art work may also inspire you or cause you to decide to experiment with a certain medium you have been afraid to try.

I hope you will be inspired by the art work in this art show. I know that I have been. The judges for this show certainly were as well.

My Art II and III students were the judges of the show this time. They have experience with art criticism as well as the Elements of Art and the Principles of Design. I felt confident that each student would take their task seriously and really take a thoughtful look at the art work. My students were very impressed with the work. They found the 9 to 13 year old class to be especially difficult to judge because of the number of entries and the quality of the work.

It is always difficult to judge the different types of media in the same class. My hope for the future is to have enough entries to allow us to have separate classes for pencil, paint, and photography.

Congratulations to all the award winners. If you did not win an award today, please know that your work is appreciated. Please don’t be discouraged. The show results could be totally different with different judges. Just entering an art show and allowing others the chance to enjoy your art makes you all winners in my book.


5 – 8 years old:

    First Place

Tree Park by Graceanne - age 6

“Tree Park” by Graceanne – age 6

Six year old, Graceanne, is our first place winner in the 5 to 8 year old class. She entered a colorful painting of autumn trees titled, Tree Park. Congratulations Graceanne! “Your color choices really brought home the feeling of an autumn day in the park. Love the splatter and freshness of color.”

    Second Place
"Brown Thrasher" by Grayson - age 8

“Brown Thrasher” by Grayson – age 8

Second place goes to Grayson with his wonderful drawing titled, Brown Thrasher. Comments made about this art work are, “Great detail! The way you faded the color into the feathers made the work appear soft. You created a very accurate drawing. I can tell you really love birds.” Great job Grayson.

    9 – 13 years old:

First Place

Old Chevy Truck by Kyla - age 13

“Old Chevy Truck” by Kyla – age 13

Our first place winner in the 9 to 13 year old class is Kyla. Kyla entered a photograph of an old pick up truck titled, Old Chevy Truck. Comments the judges made are: “Great focus. Love the angle and the close up view. You can really get a feeling of the age and condition of the hood of this rusty old truck.” Congratulations Kyla!

Second Place

"Blue Horse" by Ryann - age 10

“Blue Horse” by Ryann – age 10

Second Place goes to 10 year old, Ryann, for the mixed media representation of a horse titled, Blue Horse. Some comments made while viewing this work are: “This is really amazing! I love the uniqueness of the colors used. To me the work has a feeling of coolness. The style used creates a mysterious mood. Great blending.” Great job Ryann!

    14 – 18 years old:

First Place

"Headphones Girl" by Brandon - age 15

“Headphones Girl” by Brandon – age 15

Our first place award winner in the 14 to 18 years old class is Brandon with his pencil drawing titled, Headphones Girl. Comments are: “Wow! Love the shading, use of negative space and texture. Great idea to balance the girl with the distant city. The change in values from a dark background to a lighter foreground really catch your eye.”

His Grace is an Ocean by Luci - age 15

“His Grace is an Ocean” by Luci – age 15

Second Place

Our second place award is a lovely painting done by Luci. It is titled, His Grace is an Ocean. “In this piece I really got a sense of movement from the paint strokes and pattern. I enjoy seeing the values and texture with this message. The color scheme works with the warm and cool neutrals balancing each other.” Wonderful job, Luci!

    People’s Choice:

People’s Choice was voted on by you, the reader. This time the People’s Choice goes to Grayson and his drawing titled Brown Thrasher. Way to go Grayson! Keep up the good work.

"Brown Thrasher" by Grayson - age 8

“Brown Thrasher” by Grayson – age 8

First Place and People’s Choice award winners will receive a $10 gift certificate from Dick Blick Art Materials. Thank you Dick Blick for sponsoring this art show since it first began!

If you are one of those award winners, look for an email from me. I need your physical address in order to tell our sponsor how to get your gift certificates to you.

Well, I hope you enjoyed the show. Please tell others about this venue for homeschool students. If you would like to donate awards for a future show, please contact me. Art is a passion of mine. I hope it is contagious! The next show will be February 2013.

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